TX SLK-T001 Portable Solar Generator for House

TX SLK-T001 Portable Solar Generator for House

Short Description:

Poly Solar Panel: 30W/18V or15W/18V

Output Volt: DC12V X 4pcs,USB5V x 2pcs

Built-in Battery: 12.5AH / 11.1V or11AH/11.1Vor6AH2.8V

Fully Charged Time: 5 .7 Hours Daytime Charging

Discharging Time: Depends on total wattage usage

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product parameters

  Option 1 Option 2
Solar Panel
Solar panel with cable wire 15W/18V 25W/18V
Main Power Box
Built in controller 6A/12V PWM
Built in battery 12.8V/6AH(76.8WH) 11.1V/11AH(122.1WH)
Radio/MP3/Bluetooth Yes
Torch light 3W/12V
Learning lamp 3W/12V
DC output DC12V * 4pcs USB5V * 2pcs
LED bulb with cable wire 2pcs*3W LED bulb with 5m cable wires
1 to 4 USB charger cable 1 piece
* Optional accessories AC wall charger, fan, TV , tube
System protection Low voltage, overload ,load short circuit protection
Charging mode Solar panel charging/AC charging(optional)
Charging time Around 5-6 hours by solar panel
Solar panel size/weight 360*460*17mm / 1.9kg 340*560*17mm/2.4kg
Main power box size/weight 280*160*100mm/1.8kg
Energy Supply Reference Sheet
Appliance Working time/hrs
LED bulbs(3W)*2pcs 12-13 20-21
DC fan(10W)*1pcs 7-8 12-13
DC TV(20W)*1pcs 3-4 6
Mobile phone charging 3-4pcs phone charging full 6pcs phone charging full

Product Details

portable solar generator for house

1) USB Port: Insert Memory Stick to play Mp3 music files and sound recordings

2) Micro SD Card: Insert SD Card to play music and sound recordings

3) Torch: Dim and Bright function

4) Battery LED charging indicators

5)LED Torch Lens

6)X 4 LED 12V DC light ports

7) Solar Panel 18V DC Port / AC Wall adaptor port

8) X 2 High Speed 5V USB hubs for phone/tablet/camera charging and DC fan (Supplied)

9)Learning Lamp

10) High Quality Stereo Speakers

11) Microphone for Voice Calls (Blue Tooth Connected)

12) Solar Panel Charging On/Off LED Indicator:

13) LED Screen Display (Radio, Blue Tooth USB Mode)

14 Power On/Off Switch (Radio, Blue Tooth, USB Music Function)

15) Mode selection: Radio, Blue Tooth, Music

Precautions & Maintenance

1) Please read User Manual carefully before using.

2) Only use parts or appliances that meet the product specifications.

3) Do not expose battery to direct sunlight and high temperature.

4) Store battery in cool, dry and ventilated place.

5) Do not use the Solar Battery near fires or leave outside in the rain.

6) Please make sure the battery is fully charged before using it for the first time.

7) Save your Battery's power by switching it off when not in use.

8) Please do a charge and discharge cycle maintenance at least once a month.

9) Clean Solar Panel regularly. Damp cloth only.

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