TX Paygo-TD013 Best Solar Generator for Home Backup

TX Paygo-TD013 Best Solar Generator for Home Backup

Short Description:

Solar Controller: 12V 5A

Lithium Ion Battery: 12.8V 6AH

Keypad Area: 4×4 keypad, Code Enter.

LED Indicators: Battery Level, Charging LED, Work LED

DC Output: DC12V & USB5V

Product Detail

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Basic Introduction

Keypad pay as you go solar lighting kits , does not need fuel such as oil, gas, coal etc, it absorbs sunlight and generate power directly and improve the quality of life of area. All electricity from sunlight; where there is sunshine, there is solar power.
Unelectrified Keypad pay as you go lighting kits main power host box has inside; lithium battery, smart solar controller, with all electronics protection, safety, long service life, smart, start-up controlled by devices dealer, pay as you go (PAYG) platform. Easy installation, end user has only two main parts, portable main power box, and solar panel, fix solar panel directly under the sun. and plug into main power box to charge, turn on switch to supply electricity to appliances.
Convenient and simple , no need for maintenance.

Operation Principle

End user pay money though bank account or cash. After payment, device dealer to generate a code from platform, Then send code to end user, User enter code from keypad to set days timer.

best solar generator for home backup

Keypad Pay Go Solar Lighting Kits Highlights

With the keypad, no matter where you installed the product. Mainland, island, no mobile signal area. You have to ask a code from your device dealer. With smart back platform to control all products. High technology, smart, easy management.

Product parameters

  Option 1 Option 2
Solar Panel
Solar panel with cable wire 15W/18V 30W/18V
Main Power Box
Built in controller 7A/12V PWM
Built in battery 12V/6AH(76.8WH) 12.8V/12AH(153.6WH)
Radio/MP3/Bluetooth Yes
DC output DC12V * 6pcs USB5V * 2pcs
LED bulb with cable wire 2pcs*3W LED bulb with 5m cable wires
1 to 4 USB charger cable 1 piece
* Optional accessories AC wall charger, fan, TV , tube
System protection Low voltage, overload ,load short circuit protection
Charging mode Solar panel charging/AC charging(optional)
Charging time Around 5-6 hours by solar panel
Solar panel size/weight 350*350*17mm / 1.9kg 335*610*17mm/3kg
Main power box size/weight 200*180*340mm/3kg 300*180*340mm/3.2kg
Energy Supply Reference Sheet
Appliance Working time/hrs
LED bulbs(3W)*2pcs 13 22
DC fan(10W)*1pcs 7 13
DC TV(20W)*1pcs 3-4 6-7
Mobile phone charging 4pcs phone charging full 7pcs phone charging full

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