TX MCS-TD021 Portable Solar Generator for Camping

TX MCS-TD021 Portable Solar Generator for Camping

Short Description:

Solar panel with cable wire: 150W/18V

Built in controller: 20A/12V PWM

Built in battery: 12.8V/50AH(640WH)

DC output: DC12V * 5pcs USB5V * 20pcs

LCD display: Battery voltage, temperature and the battery capacity percent

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Product parameters

Model MCS-TD021
Solar Panel
Solar panel with cable wire 150W/18V
Main Power Box
Built in controller 20A/12V PWM
Built in battery 12.8V/50AH(640WH)
DC output DC12V * 5pcs USB5V * 20pcs
LCD display Battery voltage, temperature and the battery capacity percent
LED bulb with cable wire 2pcs*3W LED bulb with 5m cable wires
1 to 4 USB charger cable 20 piece
* Optional accessories AC wall charger, fan, TV , tube
System protection Low voltage, overload ,load short circuit protection
Charging mode Solar panel charging/AC charging(optional)
Charging time Around 4-5 hours by solar panel
Solar panel size/weight 1480*665*30mm/12kg
Main power box size/weight 370*220*250mm/9.5kg
Energy Supply Reference Sheet
Appliance Working time/hrs
LED bulbs(3W)*2pcs 107
DC fan(10W)*1pcs 64
DC TV(20W)*1pcs 32
Mobile phone charging 32pcs phone charging full


1. The kits is a DC Output system, with 20pcs USB output for phone charging

2. Ultra-low power standby consumption, in case of the system switch is turned off, the device would be in very low power consumption state;

3. USB output is charging for mobile phones, LED bulb lighting , mini fan ...reference as 5V/2A;

4. DC5V output max current advised below than 40A.

5. Can be as charging use solar panel and AC wall charger.

6. The led indicator battery voltage , temperature and the battery capacity percent.  

7. PWM controller built inside of the power box, over charging, and low battery protections for lithium battery.

8. When charging from solar panel or mains charger, to be faster charging battery full, advised to disconnect the loads or switch off the system On/Off switch, but can be as charging as discharging.

9. The device with all automatically electronic protections of over charging/discharging. after full charged/discharged, will be auto stop charging/discharging to protect the device for long life span.


1. Please read this manual book carefully before using the product;

2. Don’t use parts or appliances that don’t meet the product specification

3. To avoid your product damage, non-professional person are not allowed to open the device to repair;

4. The storage box should be waterproof and moisture-proof and must be placed in a dry and ventilated place;

5. When using the solar lighting kits, don’t near the fire or in high temperature conditions;

6. Before using in the first time, please fully charge the inside battery before use, no need to worry about over charging because of the electronics protections;

7. Please save your device electricity in rainy days, and turn off the system on/off switch when not use it.

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