TX ASPS-T300 Solar Power Generator for Home

TX ASPS-T300 Solar Power Generator for Home

Short Description:

Capacity: 384Wh(12.8V30AH), 537Wh (12.8V424H)

Battery Type: LifePo4

Input: DC 18W5A by Adapter or Solar Panel

AC Output Power: Rated Output Power 500WV max

Product Detail

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Product parameters

Model  ASPS-T300 ASPS-T500
Solar Panel
Solar panel with cable wire 60W/18V Foldable Solar Panel 80W/18V Foldable Solar Panel
Main Power Box
Built in inverter 300W pure sine wave 500W pure sine wave
Built in controller 8A/12V PWM
Built in battery 12.8V/30AH(384WH

LiFePO4 battery


LiFePO4 battery

AC output AC220V/110V*1PCS
DC output DC12V * 2pcs USB5V * 4pcs Cigarette Lighter 12V * 1pcs
LCD/LED display  Battery voltage/AC voltage display & Load Power display & charging/battery LED indicators 
LED bulb with cable wire 2pcs*3W LED bulb with 5m cable wires
1 to 4 USB charger cable 1 piece
* Optional accessories AC wall charger, fan, TV , tube
System protection Low voltage, overload ,load short circuit protection
Charging mode Solar panel charging/AC charging(optional)
Charging time Around 6-7 hours by solar panel
Solar panel size/weight 450*400*80mm / 3.0kg 450*400*80mm/4kg
Main power box size/weight 300*300*155mm/18kg 300*300*155mm/20kg
Energy Supply Reference Sheet
Appliance Working time/hrs
LED bulbs(3W)*2pcs 64 89
Fan(10W)*1pcs 38 53
TV(20W)*1pcs 19 26
Mobile phone charging 19pcs phone charging full 26pcs phone charging full

What It Powers

Solar Power Generator For Home


1. Does a pure-sine wave inverter mean?

When it comes to power, you might have heard the letters DC and AC thrown around. DC stands for Direct Current, and is the only type of power that can be stored in a battery. AC stands for Alternating Current, which is the type of power your devices use when they’re plugged into the wall. An inverter is required to change DC output to AC output and requires a small amount of power for the change. You can see this by turning on the AC port.
A pure-sine wave inverter, like the one found in your generator, produces an output that is exactly the same as supplied by an AC wall plug in your house. Although integrating a pure-sine wave inverter takes more components, it produces power output that makes it compatible with almost all AC electric devices you use in your house. So in the end, the pure-sine wave inverter allows your generator to safely power almost everything under watts in your house that you would normally plug into the wall.

2. How do I know if my device will work with the generator?

First, you’ll need to determine the amount of power your device requires. This may require some research on your end, a good online search or examining the user guide for your device should suffice. To be
compatible with the generator , you should use devices that require less than 500W. Second, you will need to check the capacity for the individual output ports. For example, the AC port is monitored by an inverter that allows for 500W of continuous power. This means if your device is a pulling more than 500W for an extended period of time, the generator’s inverter will very hot dangerous shut off. Once you know your device is compatible, you will want to determine how long you will be able to power your gear from the generator.

3. How to charge my iPhone?

Connect iPhone with generator USB output socket by cable(If generator does not automatic run, just short press power button to switch on the generator).

4. How to supply power for my TV/Laptop/Drone?
Connect your TV to AC output Socket, then double click the button to switch on the generator, when the AC power LCD is green color, it starts to supply power for your TV.

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