How Solar Power System Works

How Solar Power System Works

In recent years, solar power generation is very popular. Many people are still very unfamiliar with this way of power generation and do not know its principle. Today, I will introduce the working principle of solar power generation in detail, hoping to let you further understand the knowledge of solar power generation system.

Solar power generation is known as the most ideal new energy without drying up. It is safe and reliable, noise-free, pollution-free emission, and absolutely clean (pollution-free); Not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, the advantages of building roofs can be used; It can generate electricity locally without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines; The energy quality is high, and users are easy to accept emotionally; The construction period is short and the time to obtain energy is short.

1How Solar Power System Works

Light heat power electric conversion mode

By using the heat energy generated by solar radiation to generate electricity, generally, the solar collector converts the absorbed heat energy into the steam of the working medium, and then drives the steam turbine to generate electricity. The former process is light heat conversion process; The latter process is the final conversion process from thermal power to electricity, which is the same as ordinary thermal power generation The disadvantage of solar thermal power generation is its low efficiency and high cost. It is estimated that its investment is at least 5 ~ 10 times higher than that of ordinary thermal power stations.

Optical electric direct conversion mode

In this way, solar radiation energy is directly converted into electric energy by photoelectric effect, and the basic device for conversion is solar cells. Solar cell is a device that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy due to photovoltaic effect. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode will convert the solar energy into electrical energy and generate current. When many cells are connected in series or in parallel, they can become a solar cell array with relatively large output power. Solar cell is a promising new power source, which has three advantages: permanence, cleanness and flexibility. Solar cells have a long life. As long as the sun exists, solar cells can be used for a long time with one-time investment. Compared with thermal power generation, solar cells will not cause environmental pollution.

The above is the principle of solar power generation system. After reading the above introduction, how much do you know about solar power generation system? With the progress of technology, solar power will make our life more comfortable and beautiful in the future.

Post time: Nov-24-2022