GSL Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine

GSL Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine

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Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine is an all-in-one solution that meets data storage and power requirements. The integration of its lithium battery provides convenience and reliability, while optical storage capabilities ensure a steady stream of energy.

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Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine, integrated lithium battery, and photovoltaic inverter controller integrated machine can realize photovoltaic and mains power supply mode, battery or bypass priority can be set, with multiple protections, such as input battery over-voltage protection,under-voltage protection, over-current protection, output under-voltage protection, over-current three-level protection (peak high current, RMS current, peak over-current soft start). Built-in lithium batteries can store excess power to meet the uninterrupted use of small outdoor equipment.

Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine is an innovative multifunctional device that combines the functions of an optical storage system with a high-performance lithium battery. This cutting-edge technology provides users with a convenient and efficient data storage and access solution while also offering the advantage of a reliable power supply. With the growing demand for portable data storage and power banks, this product is designed to meet the needs of professionals, students, and anyone who needs a reliable portable storage solution.

The standout feature of this device is its integrated lithium battery. This built-in battery provides reliable and long-lasting power without the need for an external power connection. With high capacity and fast charging function, users can safely use the machine for a long time without worrying about running out of power. This makes it an ideal choice for those who travel a lot or often work in places with limited power.

The Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. It adopts a stylish and compact design, which is easy to carry and store. The interface is user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a clear LCD display that provides relevant information and status updates. Plus, it supports plug-and-play functionality for quick, hassle-free installation. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned technophile, the device is designed to be usable by users of all levels of expertise.

In terms of compatibility, the device supports multiple operating systems. This ensures users can seamlessly integrate it into existing workflows and equipment. It also offers a variety of connectivity options, including USB ports and wireless connectivity, for flexible and versatile connectivity.

GSL Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine
GSL Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine
GSL Optical Storage Lithium Battery Integrated Machine

Performance Characteristics

* Modular structure design, easy to assemble and maintain, and thevolume is half of that of conventional lead-acid batteries;

* Pure sine wave output, perfect protection function;

* Optional fingerprint lock with anti-theft function;

* High efficiency, low standby loss;

* Standard 60A MPPT photovoltaic controller,optional 10A AC charger.

Technical Parameters

Model GSL 0.5/1KVA-2.5KWh GSL -3/5KVA-10KWh
Nominal input volt 230 VAC single phase
Option input volt range 170-280 VAC (computer); 90280 VAC (home appliance)
Input frequency range 50 Hz/60 Hz
Nominal output volt (Bat mode) 230VAC土5% single phase
Surge power 10000VA
Max. efficiency 90%~93%
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Switch time 10 ms (Computer); 20 ms (Home appliance)
Peak 3:1
Lithium type LiFePO4
Battery capacity Standard 50AH Standard 100~200AH (100AH~300AH Option)
Nominal bat volt 48VDC
Charging volt 52.5VDC 
AC charging+PV charging
Charging type MPPT
Max. PV power 1KW 3KW
MPPT range 60-115VDC
Max. PV open circuit volt 150V
Max. PV charging current 60A
Max. AC charging current 10A
Size (W*D'H mm) 510*210*695 700*300*1200
Net weight 32Kg 143Kg
Communication interface RS232
Humidity 0~ 95% No condensation
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
Remarks: above data is for reference only, without notice of any change. Special volts can be customized.

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