GBP-L2 Wall-Mounted Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

GBP-L2 Wall-Mounted Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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With its superior longevity, safety features, fast charging capabilities, reliability, and environmental friendliness, lithium iron phosphate battery is set to revolutionize the way we power devices, vehicles, and renewable energy systems.

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The product adopts modular design, higherintegration,savesinstallationspaceradoptshigh-performance lithium iron phosphate positiveelectrode material, the battery cell has good consistency.and the designed service life is more than 10 years;one-key switch machine, front operation, front wiring.easy installation Convenient maintenance and operation;various functions, over-temperature alarm protection,over-charge and over-discharge protection, short-circuitprotection; strong compatibility, seamless connectionwith UPS, photovoltaic power generation and other mainequipment; various forms of communication interfaces.CAN/RS485,etc. can be customized according tocustomer needs, which is convenient for remotemonitoring and flexible use of the system. High-energy.low-power lithium-ion battery equipment achieveshigher energy supply, lower energy consumption, andreduces environmental pollution; all-round,multi-levelbattery protection strategies and fault isolation measuresare adopted to ensure the safe operation of the system.

GBP-L2 Wall-Mounted Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
GBP-L2 Wall-Mounted Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Performance Characteristics

* Wall-hanging installation,save space

* Multiple in parallel, easy for expand

*  Easy for installation and maintenance

* Standard configuration with LCD display, real time knowingbattery status

* Environmentally friendly non-polluting materials, free of heavymetals, green and enwironmentally friendly

* Standard cycle life is more than 5000 times

* Remote viewing of errors and online software upgrades


Technical Parameters

Type   GBP48V-100AH-W(Voltage Optional 51.2V) GBP48V-200AH-W(Voltage Optional 51.2V) 
 Nominal Voltage (V) 48  
 Nominal capacity (AH)  105  210
 Nominal energy capacity (KWH)  5 10 
 Operating voltage range  42-56.25 
 Recommended charging voltage (V)  51.75 
 Recommended discharge cut-off voltage (V)  45 
 Standard charging current (A)  25 50 
 Maximum continuous charging current (A)  50 100 
 Standard discharge current (A)  25  50
 Maximum discharge current (A)  50 100 
 Applicable temperature (°C)  -30°C ~ 60°C(Recommended 10°C ~ 35°C) 
 allowable humidity range  0~ 95% no condensation 
 Storage temperature (°C)  -20°C ~ 65°C(Recommended 10℃~ 35°C) 
 Protection level  IP20 
 cooling method  natural air cooling 
 Life cycles  5000+ times at 80% DOD 
 Maximum size (W*D*H)mm  410*630*190  465*682*252
 Weight  50KG  90KG  
 Remarks: The above data are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice. Special voltage can be customized.  

Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Lifespan of lithium iron phosphate battery

First of all, lithium iron phosphate batteries have an impressive service life. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, which age over time, these batteries have a lifespan of 10 years or more. This exceptionally long life ensures users can rely on their power supplies for a long time, reducing the need for costly replacement and maintenance. Additionally, the battery's high energy density allows more power to be stored in a smaller, lighter package, making it ideal for portable devices or vehicles.

Safety of lithium iron phosphate battery

In addition, for lithium iron phosphate batteries, safety is the top priority. Unlike other lithium-ion batteries, which are known for being a fire hazard, these batteries are inherently safer. The iron phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of thermal runaway, minimizing the possibility of overheating or burning. This not only protects the user and their property but also ensures peace of mind during operation.

Charging capabilities of lithium iron phosphate battery

Another major advantage of lithium iron phosphate batteries is their fast charging capabilities. Due to its lower internal resistance, the battery can be charged at a higher rate than other Li-ion batteries. This means less downtime and increased efficiency, enabling users to start their equipment or vehicles in a fraction of the time. Additionally, the battery's ability to sustain high charge and discharge rates makes it suitable for demanding applications such as electric vehicles, where fast acceleration and regenerative braking are critical.

Reliable lithium iron phosphate battery

In addition, lithium iron phosphate batteries are highly reliable and perform well in extreme temperatures. Whether exposed to extreme heat or cold, the battery remains stable and delivers a steady power output. This makes it a reliable choice for industries operating in harsh environments such as aerospace and outdoor telecommunications. Its excellent thermal stability also contributes to its overall durability and resistance to degradation, ensuring consistent long-term performance.

Environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery

Last but not least, lithium iron phosphate batteries are an environmentally friendly choice. Its composition contains no toxic heavy metals or harmful chemicals, making it safer to produce, use and dispose of than other battery types. Additionally, the long battery life minimizes waste and the need for frequent replacement, reducing the overall environmental impact.



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