Container Energy Storage System

Container Energy Storage System

Short Description:

According to the user’s energy consumption status and needs, the energy storage system is scientifically and economically configured to provide services such as smoothing new energy fluctuations, supporting uninterrupted power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, and reactive power compensation.

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Product introduction

The container energy storage system includes: energystorage battery system, PCS booster system, fire fighting system,monitoring system, etc. It is widely used in scenarios such aspower security, back-up power, peak shaving and valley filling,new energy consumption and grid load smoothing, etc.

Product Features

* Flexible configuration of battery system types and capacitiesaccording to customer requirements

* The PCS has a modular architecture, simple maintenance andflexible confiquration, allowing for multiple parallel machines Support parallel and off-grid operation mode, seamless switching.

* Black start support

* EMS unattended system, locally controlled, cloud-monitored operation, with highly customized features

*  Various modes including peak and valley reduction, demand response, backflow prevention, back-up power,command response,etc.

* Complete gas fire extinguishing system and automatic fire monitoring and alarm system with audible and visualalarm and fault uploading

* Complete thermal and temperature control system to ensure that the battery compartment temperature is withinthe optimum operating range

* Access control system with remote control and local operation.


Product Advantages

1. Simplify the cost of infrastructure construction, no need to build a special computer room, only need to provide appropriate site and access conditions.

2. The construction period is short, the equipment inside the container has been pre-assembled and debugged, and only simple installation and networking are required on site.

3. The degree of modularization is high, and the energy storage capacity and power can be flexibly configured and expanded according to different application scenarios and requirements.

4. It is convenient for transportation and installation. It adopts an international standardized container size, allows ocean and road transportation, and can be hoisted by overhead cranes. It has strong mobility and is not restricted by regions.

5. Strong environmental adaptability. The interior of the container is protected from rain, fog, dust, wind and sand, lightning, and theft. It is also equipped with auxiliary systems such as temperature control, fire protection, and monitoring to ensure the safe and efficient operation of energy storage equipment.

Product Structure Distribution Map

Energy storage container structure distribution map

Parameter for ESS Container System

Model 20ft 40ft
Output volt 400V/480V
Grid frequency 50/60Hz(+2.5Hz)
Output power 50-300kW 200- 600kWh
Bat capacity 200- 600kWh 600-2MWh
Bat type LiFePO4
Size Inside size (LW*H):5.898*2.352*2.385

Outside size (LW+*H):6.058*2.438*2.591

Inside size (L'W*H):12.032*2.352*2.385

Outside size (LW*H):12.192*2.438*2.591

Protection level IP54
Humidity 0-95%
Altitude 3000m
Working temperature -20~50℃
Bat volt range 500-850V
Max DC current 500A 1000A
Connect method 3P4W
Power factor 3P4W
Communication -1~1
method RS485, CAN, Ethernet
Isolation method Low frequency isolation with transformer


Project of ESS Container System

Why Choose Us

1. Q: Why choose your company?

A: We have a high-quality, high-level, high-standard R&D team with more than 15 years of experience in technology R&D and manufacturing in the new energy power electronics industry.

2. Q: Has the product passed the certification?

A: The product and system have a number of core invention patents, and have passed a number of product certifications including CGC, CE, TUV, and SAA.

3. Q: What is your purpose?

A: Adhere to the customer-centric approach, and provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services with high-quality services and professional technology.

4. Q: Do you have after-sales service?

A: Provide technical consulting services for users free of charge.

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