5KW/6KW Solar Off Grid Control Inverter Integrated Power Generation System

5KW/6KW Solar Off Grid Control Inverter Integrated Power Generation System

Short Description:

Mono solar panel: 400W

Gel battery: 250AH/12V

Control Inverter Integrated Machine: 48V60A 5KW/6KW

Panel Bracket: Hot Dip Galvanizing

Connector: MC4

Photovoltaic Cable: 4mm2

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Tianxiang

Product Detail

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Product parameters







Mono-crystalline solar panel


8 pieces

 Connection method: 2 in tandem × 4 in parallel

Energy storage gel battery


8 pieces

 4 in tandem  2 in parallel

Control inverter integrated machine

48V60A 5KW/6KW

1 set

1. AC output: AC110V/220V;2. Support grid/diesel input;3. Pure sine wave.

Panel Bracket

Hot Dip Galvanizing


C-shaped steel bracket



4 pair


DC Combiner Box

Four In And One Out

1 pair


Photovoltaic cable



Solar Panel To PV Combiner Box

BVR cable



Photovoltaic Combiner Box To Control Inverter  Inverter Integrated Machine

BVR cable


2 sets

Control the inverter integrated machine to the battery, 2m

BVR cable


2 set

Battery parallel cable, 2m

BVR cable


6 sets

Battery Cable, 0.3m


2P 63A

1 set


Benefits of Home Photovoltaic Power Generation

1. Power generation system makes full use of idle roofs to generate electricity, and selling surplus electricity to the country can increase income;

2. Solar cell modules cover the bare roof to keep the room warm and cool, making it comfortable and pleasant. After installing 5kw solar generator cell modules, the indoor temperature can be reduced or increased by 3-4 degrees, invisible air conditioner;

3. Energy saving and emission reduction, protecting the environment.

System Connection Diagram

5KW6KW Solar Off Grid System System connection diagram

Benefits Of Off Grid Solar Panel Systems

1. No access to the public grid
The most attractive feature of an off-the-grid residential solar energy system is that fact that you can become truly energy independent. You can take advantage of the most obvious benefit: no electricity bill.

2. Become energy self-sufficient
Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid solar systems.Feeling is worth than saving money.

3. To raise valve of your home
Today’s off-the-grid residential solar energy systems can provide all the functionality you need. In some instances, you may actually be able to raise the value of your home once you become energy independent.

Product Application

New energy vehicle charging,Photovoltaic system,Home solar power system,Home energy storage system
New energy vehicle charging,Photovoltaic system,Home solar power system,Home energy storage system
New energy vehicle charging,Photovoltaic system,Home solar power system,Home energy storage system

Application Fields

1. User solar power supply:

Small power generation system ranging from 100-1000W, used for military and civilian life in remote areas without electricity, such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, border posts, etc., such as lighting, TV, etc.; 3-5KW home roof off-grid power generation system; photovoltaic water Lei: Solve the deep water well quotation and irrigation in areas without electricity.

2. Transportation field:

Such as navigation lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/sign lights, solar street lights, unattended duty, shift power supply, etc.;

3. Communication/communication field:

Solar unmanned microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, small communication machine, GPS power supply for soldiers, etc.;

4. Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields:

Marine detection equipment, oil drilling platform life and emergency power supply, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.;

5. Household lighting power supply:

Such as garden lights, street lights, climbing lights, rubber tapping lights, energy-saving lights, etc.;

6. Photovoltaic power station:

10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, wind-solar hybrid power station, various large parking plant charging stations, etc.;

7. Other areas:

Supporting vehicles such as solar vehicles/electric vehicles; battery charging equipment; automotive air conditioning; power supply for seawater desalination equipment; satellites, spacecraft, space solar generators, etc.

Development Trend

Flexible and lightweight. The vitality of photovoltaics lies in portability and mobility. The core element of the future development of the solar industry is lightweight. Light photovoltaic is an important way for the photovoltaic industry to reshape itself and exert greater technological value. A quantitative indicator is that under the condition of keeping the electrical and mechanical properties unchanged, the lightweight photovoltaic module needs to reach a weight of about 20 g/W, and its application in airships, airplanes, and drones is just around the corner.

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