555-575W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

555-575W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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High Power

High energy yield, low LCOE

Enhanced reliability

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Key Parameters

Module Power (W) 560~580 555~570 620~635 680~700
Module Type Radiance-560~580 Radiance-555~570 Radiance-620~635 Radiance-680~700
Module Efficiency 22.50% 22.10% 22.40% 22.50%
Module Size(mm) 2278×1134×30 2278×1134×30 2172×1303×33 2384×1303×33

Advantages of Radiance TOPCon Modules

The recombination of electrons and holes on the surface and any interface is the main factor limiting cell efficiency, and
various passivation technologies have been developed to reduce the recombination, from early-stage BSF (Back Surface Field) to currently popular PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), latest HJT (Heterojunction) and nowadays TOPCon technologies. TOPCon is an advanced passivation technology, which is compatible with both P-type and N-type silicon wafers and can greatly enhance cell efficiency by growing an ultra-thin oxide layer and a doped polysilicon layer on the back of the cell to create a good interfacial passivation. When combined with N-type silicon wafers, upper efficiency limit of TOPCon cells is estimated to be 28.7%, outclassing that of PERC, which would be about 24.5%. TOPCon's processing is more compatible to the existing PERC production lines, thus balancing better manufacturing cost and higher module efficiency. TOPCon is expected to be mainstream cell technology in the coming years.

PV InfoLink Production Capacity Estimation

More Energy Yield

TOPCon modules enjoy better low-light performance. Improved low light performance is mainly related to the optimization of series resistance, leading to low saturation currents in TOPCon modules. Under low-light condition (200W/m²), performance of 210 TOPCon modules would be about 0.2% higher than 210 PERC modules.

Low-light Performance Comparison

Better Power Output

Modules’ operating temperature impacts their power output. Radiance TOPCon modules are based on N-type silicon wafers with high minority carrier lifetime and higher open-circuit voltage. The higher open-circuit voltage, the better module temperature coefficient. As a result, TOPCon modules would perform better than PERC modules when operating in high temperature environments.

Influence of module temperature on its power output


Q1: Are you a factory or trade company?

A: We are a factory who has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing; strong after sale service team and technical support.

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A: We have stock and semi-finished products with enough base materials for new sample and order for all models, So small quantity order is accepted, it can meet your requirement very well.

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We try our best to ensure our quality to be the best one in the same level price products. We believe safety and effectiveness are the most important.

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Yes, you are welcome to test samples before quantity order; Sample order will be sent out 2- -3 days generally.

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Yes,OEM and ODM are available for us. But you should send us the Trademark authorization letter.

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100% self-inspection before packing

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